Processing and Grading


Quality safeguarding is the prominent feature of our Processing and Grading procedure. Quality is assured at each and every step.


Following are the Five main Steps of Kinnow Processing


Washing   As soon as the hand-picked fresh Mandarins arrive from the Orchard, they are loaded into a custom built washing conveyor belt which removes the impurities.         

Special imported Wax is coated on the Mandarins by using a pair of traveling spraying nozzles over a bed of slowly rotating horsehair brushes; this enables the fruit to retain its quality for a long period of time, so our customers always get safe, healthy and fresh fruit.

Grading   Automated machines grade the Mandarins according to their sizes, these Mandarins are then checked by well-trained Quality Assurance Professionals for any defect.

Packing   Graded Mandarins are packed in specially made card-board boxes specifically designed to allow ventilation and protecting the fruit from physical damage while transportation, thus  retaining the freshness and quality of the produce. 

Cooling / Storage
   Well designed refrigerated warehousing, monitored by skilled professionals, facilitates us for storing up to 1500M/Tons of fruits  for over 60 days.


Processing and Grading Process with Special accent on Quality

Kinnos Being Processed in Processing PlantGrading Process of Kinnos


Proccessing of KinnosWashing of Kinnos