Agro Soil


The Agro farms soil has properties like aeration, fertility; drainage and low salt concentrations which provide the foundational factors that determine the success of citrus in this area. Citrus thrives best in deep, loose, well aerated soils devoid of any hard pan layers of calcium carbonate in the rooting zones. Ideal pH for citrus is considered to be 5.5 to 8. The Agro farms soil ranges in pH from 7.5 to 8.3 giving the most ideal conditions for the plants foundation.


The soil of our farms contains organic matter level up to 4 % where as for successful citrus cultivation it is considered to be between 2 to 2.50 %. The level field and fertile land of this locality is provided with fresh canal water for irrigation that turns the groves into "Ripened Gardens".


Plantation is done on our own farms. The crop is monitored by expert professionals and well trained labor handle the premium quality fruit gently. Following the international phyto-sanitary standards, minimal pre-harvest treatments are done to protect the crop from damaging insects and pathogens.


Lush Green Farms of Agro Industries on Fertile Soil of Sargodha Pakistan


Agro Industries Farms on Fertile land of Sargodha PakistanLush Green Farms


Kinno Farms on Rich Fertile Soil